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If you are seeking a workshop facilitator, presenter or keynote speaker to offer valuable insights into gentle parenting, infant & early years development, post-natal depression, birth trauma and building healthy relationships, look no futher than Anne Thistleton: The Baby Calmer.

Professional Speaking Engagements - Keynote Speaker, Brief Presentations, Seminars, Workshops (Australia, New Zealand, International):

The Baby Calmer welcomes requests to facilitate brief presentations, seminars and/or workshops to mother's groups, childcare centres, pre-schools, community groups, forums, events, conferences, etc.  The Baby Calmer is available to tailor presentations to suit the individual needs of each group.  

Fees are for The Baby Calmer's services only, and are typically dependant on the topic required (which will be specifically written and tailored to suit your group) and the length and style of presentation required.  As a guide, professional speaking engagement fees start from ... $1895 (up to 2 hours), $2895 (2 to 4 hours), $3895 (4 to 6 hours), $4895 (6 to 8 hours).  Fees are also reflective of the individualised preparation time that is required and invested in each unique presentation. 

Organisers are responsible for marketing their event, the provision and hire of a suitable venue and all electronic equipment required.  Any travel expenses incurred by The Baby Calmer, are also the responsibility of the organiser.  Any profits or funds raised through the organiser's sale of ticketing to the event are retained by the organiser.

Informal - Meet and Greet, Q and A Style Presentations for Small Groups (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast):

The Baby Calmer often receives requests to attend mother's groups, ABA meeting groups, support groups, doctor's rooms, community groups, etc so that participants can meet Anne Thistleton:The Baby Calmer, and learn more about the types of therapeutic and support services that are available.  It is also often requested that this style of presentation conclude with an informal Q & A type session. 

The Baby Calmer appreciates that many of the groups who are interested in this type of presentation are often volunteer organisations which are run by volunteers.  As such, the request is often made for The Baby Calmer to appear or present without charging a fee.  Unfortunately, The Baby Calmer's services cannot realistically be offered on a voluntary basis.  In order for The Baby Calmer to present in any context, certain professional preparations and responsibilities must be met - such as payments of professional indemnity and public liability insurance policies, payments of professional memberships, payments for  professional supervision, car travel and maintenance expenses, other business operating costs, etc.  Similarly, the service providers that The Baby Calmer employs and relies on to support all facets of this work, also require payment for the work that they do! 
Another aspect to consider is, that whilst meeting new mothers in intimate group settings is a worthwhile and enjoyable endeavour, it is largely unfair and unprofessional to be seen to provide non-fee based support and information to one sector of the community for access to their parenting information and advice, and yet, charge others a professional fee.  As such, it is necessary and appropriate for The Baby Calmer to charge a fee of $595 for this particular service. 

As with the professional speaking engagements, once venue costs and travel costs (if applicable) for The Baby Calmer have been met, any profits or funds that might be raised through the organiser's sale of ticketing to the presentation, is retained by the organiser.

Media Commentary:

The Baby Calmer is also available to be called upon by media to provide safe, gentle, qualified, research-based commentaries on the subject of infant and early years development and parenting issues.


Please contact The Baby Calmer by direct email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by telephone on  0420 942 256.

"Just from our brief time together in your session at our Mums' Group, your words of wisdom have definately helped me find a new perspective with regards to caring for my baby - we continue to have some wonderful moments together and she is mostly a peaceful, happy soul, who sleeps well.  You have also helped me feel confident and happy with the choices I was already making, which is a great feeling for a new Mum to have.  P.S. If I meet any new Mums feeling overwhelmed by the negative, regimented 'advice' out there in some books etc. I will recommend that they contact you!"

K.G - Seventeen Mile Rocks, QLD