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Payment Terms and Conditions

  • All workshops, seminars, telephone, skype and email consultations require a full, non-refundable, prepayment at the time of booking.
  • For all other services - the appointment period booked for a clinic or an in-home consultation with The Baby Calmer is specifically set aside for you and your family.  As such, a  50% non-refundable booking fee is required to confirm your appointment period with The Baby Calmer.  The balance of your payment will be processed in the 24 hours prior to the commencement of your scheduled appointment period.  Once this balance payment has been received, no refunds for this balance are available.

  • All payments to The Baby Calmer can be made using your Visa, Mastercard or BartercardOnline transfers are also accepted, and must be received within 24 hours of your initial introductory telephone consultaton with The Baby Calmer.
  • If you simply change your mind about going ahead with  your appointment period, and notify The Baby Calmer 24 hours or more prior to the commencement of your appointment period, that you no longer wish to go ahead with your scheduled appoitment period, your 50% non-refundable booking fee will be retained, however, no further payments will be required.
  • To avoid disappointment, Bartercard clients must identify Bartercard as their preferred payment method upon initial contact with The Baby Calmer.  There may be periods where payments with Bartercard are subject to availability.

  • Should you, your baby, or The Baby Calmer become ill, or experience a significant emergency situation which requires postponing your appointment period, whilst no refund is provided, the period of time reserved for your selected appointment is fully transferable to a mutually agreeable time.   Clients outside of the Brisbane area will need to discuss their relevant ‘package’ inclusions (in relation to travel and accommodation implications) with The Baby Calmer, should this situation arise.  In some situations, additional travel and/or accommodation fees may be required depending on the cancellation policies of external parties.

  • Although it is rare, some families may find that unexpected physical or emotional responses arise during their appointment period, which prevents them from being able to continue on as planned.  It is essential that clients do not feel forced to continue under such circumstances. In the event that you are unable to complete your appointment for the aforementioned reason, it is important to communicate your circumstances to The Baby Calmer as quickly as possible so that they can be addressed in a sensitive and timely manner.  Your circumstances may simply require the content or pace of the consultation to be adjusted accordingly.

  • If, after discussing your circumstances with The Baby Calmer, you feel unable to continue within the allotted appointment period, the remaining time can be altered or deferred upon individual negotiation with The Baby Calmer.

  • If, after all the above options are exhausted, you choose to cease your appointment period altogether, no refund is available.

  • Any additional hours requested by clients prior to the commencement of their appointment period will require full pre-payment. Additional hours requested during an appointment period will require payment in full at the conclusion of the appointment period.

  • For intra or interstate bookings - all additional accommodation and travel costs also require full pre-payment to confirm the appointment period. In the event of a postponement or cancellation (at any time), accommodation and travel costs that have already been pre-paid cannot be refunded, as they will involve external operators.