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Client Testimonials

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Client Testimonials
The Baby Calmer's testimonials aim to offer prospective clients a reflective and insightful awareness in relation to the unique experiences and outcomes each client might receive after seeking my support.  I hope that the information my clients share in these testimonials, can provide you with the reassurance you may be seeking during your process of discernemnt and decision making. 

The Baby Calmer is aware that in most circumstances, an inclusion of the full name of an endorsee assists in establishing legitimacy and trust in relation to the authenticity of testimonials.  As a qualified counsellor, I (Anne Thistleton) have a legal and ethical obligation to respect and protect the confidentiality of my clients.  As such, only the initials and suburbs of endorsees of The Baby Calmer's services will appear on this page.  The Baby Calmer offers her personal and professional assurance that these testimonials regarding her services are genuine.
♥ ♥ ♥
There could not be enough space on paper to express in writing what healing miracles we have experienced on our journey with Anne Thistleton, The Baby Calmer.
Anne comes highly qualified and holds a wealth of knowledge, that goes without saying. What really sets her apart is her absolute immersion in holding space and allowing a field of healing to emerge from the subconscious, no matter what arises. Not only for us as individuals but as a family collective.
My child and I have been gifted a second chance at our relationship. It is what I like to call a rewritten path where we have literally been able to start from the beginning and heal our birth trauma at the very core thanks to Anne’s expertise. Nothing in this world is more valuable to me. Because of that I will forever feel blessed beyond words and recommend Anne to anyone.
In my eyes, any baby or child that happens upon Anne’s help has been privy to a divine intervention.
Anne has also been an instrumental support in guiding me through my own childhood trauma and how that was impacting my parenting.
My only regret is that I didn’t know about Anne before birth. She has seen us at our absolute worst and watched us rise and fall, then rise and fall again and again throughout our ongoing healing. She has accepted us in a way that can only be known internally and not expressed outwardly.
If there is anything at all where you are asking if things could be better for your family, do yourself and your children a favour and contact Anne. Her help has been life changing for us both individually and as a family.
J.S - The Gap, QLD
For any new parent who is struggling and considering The Baby Calmer's services, I'd like to share our story in the hope it might... help with your decision making.
By the time our son turned eight weeks old I was a wreck, exhausted and lost about how to cope with this newborn that didn't sleep for longer than 15-25 minutes at a time during the day. People said to "sleep when the baby did" but as soon as I'd drift off, he'd wake. His crying made me feel powerless and hopeless, as I didn't know how to stop it.

Somehow I chanced upon The Baby Calmer's website, and talked my husband into getting Anne to come over. It seemed like a big investment and we were wary it might be a waste of time. We'd also gotten a referral to a sleep clinic, but I felt we needed help sooner.

When Anne arrived and began explaining how we might work together and asking questions about our sons birth, I was a very tough customer. I didn't feel I had the energy for anything but concrete (probably one size fits all) sleep techniques (which at the time) I believed we needed. What she was explaining was not what I was expecting. She mentioned she worked from a 'therapeutic' model. This made me think things were not going to be as straightforward or to the point as I needed in my frazzled state. I felt like asking her to leave. I'd met people who've promised me things using similar words before due to my long experience with anxiety and depression - pre baby. They've generally ended up wasting my time and money! At least I thought, if she leaves now, then it's only the money we've wasted. Poor Anne, I invited her over, then gave her a hurdle to jump over in my distrust!

Luckily my husband is wise and said we should try what Anne was suggesting. And I'm so pleased we did. At the end of the first day, I immediately asked her when she could come back ... and booked her straight away! I also cancelled the sleep clinic! I can honestly say I am so pleased we dodged the baby trainer model.

Instantly, like FROM THAT NIGHT, the situation improved.
Prior to receiving Anne's support, I would describe our life with a new baby as a hell like no other I've experienced; my husband and I were so stressed, let alone our poor, wee baby! He'd look up at me trying to put him to bed with a face that (almost literally) screamed "PLEASE PICK ME UP!" We'd sing, rock, stroke, pat, play music to him ... but every night the screaming was getting worse!
After Anne's first visit, my son went from screaming up to 2-3 hours in the evenings (which had been the case before she arrived) to virtually no crying. There was a peace that descended over the house in the evenings. There was no struggle, with barely any crying, if at all. And, we were all happier. Content even. It was incredible. I felt bonded with my son. I could get to know him. Enjoy him.

I think what helped me feel more bonded with my son was that I was now able to trust the instincts that I had been fighting. I had been doing what I 'thought' was the 'right thing to do'. Um, never doing that again! What a revelation! I started listening to him. What Anne gave me, was the confidence and a particular approach to become more attuned to my baby. She taught us how to hear what he might be trying to tell us, and how to respond in an empathetic way.

She really helped us start our journey into gentle parenting methods. Eight months later, we have gone from strength to strength, building on what Anne taught us. While our beautiful, hilarious, lovely baby doesn't yet sleep through the night, we couldn't be happier! After Anne left we did more research into what we were now doing. We wanted to be sure we were on the right track, even though it definitely felt right. I started reading about evolution and babies needs and everything clicked further. It's completely normal for babies to not sleep through the night! In fact, there are good reasons they don't (i.e hunger, comfort/discomfort and developmental stages)! When he wakes we know there is for a good reason for it. We don't stress as much, which leads to more sleep for us! Oh, Anne also gave us some tips on co-sleeping again with him in our sidecar bassinet, which we had abandoned. Now we bed-share and we love all the perks (e.g. more sleep for us, not having to pop baby back down into cot and possibly wake him, not needing a portacot to travel, and lots and lots of cuddles!)

These are the key things that we feel working with Anne gave us:

- Ways to connect with our baby in a loving and gentle way. We are better able to see him as the little person he is and talk to him in an empathetic way. This is huge. I think this is the biggest thing that Anne taught us - to treat him in a respectful way. We feel more compassionate as people and parents as a result.

- Ways to be in the moment with our baby. If he is upset, we hold him in our arms and relax as much as possible, as this helps us to emulate calm for him, as well as helping to slow our thought processes about what might be going on. We remind ourselves that he has huge feelings for his tiny body, and try to listen to what these feelings might be by empathising.

- Ways to understand what our baby might be trying to tell us. Simply trying to imagine what things are like for him when doing something with him, is very effective. And paying attention to his personal cues, and making a note of these for next time.

- Ways to make our baby more comfortable. One example was keeping him close (in arms or carrier) when he seemed to tell us this is what he needed. He eventually let us know when he was ready to do more exploring and is now taking his first steps!

- Ways to enjoy time with our baby. We now are able to relax with him as we have confidence to recognise and respond to his needs (sad, happy or otherwise).
In summary, while initially I didn't really understand why Anne couldn't give me the tools in a 'quick session', I now look back on our time as so nourishing for our stressed-out souls! Knowing that Anne wasn't going to rush out the door (as all the other professionals need to), was really reassuring and helped us to concentrate on learning what we could do to support this new member of our family. The length of time Anne spent with us was key in building the confidence we needed, and the trust in what she taught us. We formed a fantastic working relationship, and have been stunned with the wonderful continuity of care Anne has provided.
Thanks again Anne!!!
H.P - Herston, QLD
Before I met Anne, I was at crisis point. My daughter was three months old and I had not enjoyed a single day of motherhood. I struggled to settle my daughter when she was upset; I felt she didn't like me and preferred her father, who was able to calm her. I felt incompetent and miserable, my confidence shattered. I wasn't connected to my daughter and this filled me with guilt and shame. I worried I had made a terrible mistake by becoming a mother because I was evidently so bad at it. I never wanted to be alone with my baby because I feared I wouldn't know what she wanted so she would cry all the time. When I wasn't crying myself, I was angry and resentful my life had become this miserable.
My mum really pushed me to see The Baby Calmer. A colleague of hers had gone to Anne and only had overwhelmingly positive things to say. But I wasn't sure. I was apprehensive about which techniques Anne would use to settle my daughter; my partner and I were steadfastly against any controlled crying methods. But after my first conversation with Anne on the phone, I was completely reassured. Anne was so kind and genuine and so anti-controlled crying too, I knew my baby and I were in safe hands.
Anne reorganised her schedule to see me ASAP. I went to her clinic for the 8-hour therapeutic session. Although this may seem like a lot, I found the full day of therapy immensely beneficial. I had been seeing another counsellor for weekly one-hour sessions and it felt like just as we were tapping into deeper issues, the session would end. So having a more intensive approach to the therapy worked much better for me. During the clinic session, Anne helped me to shift my perceptions of my daughter so that I viewed her and our relationship in a more positive light. After the clinic day, I felt more connected to my baby and more confident in my ability to read what she needed. It was a truly significant turning point for me.
The next day Anne came to my house for a more practical session. She taught me lots of skills, from different sleep support techniques to baby massage. She was always encouraging and supportive. She never took over; she allowed me to do the sleep support process myself so that any successes were mine. I felt confident that I would be able to replicate the techniques when Anne wasn't there.
Anne kindly returned for a follow-up session two weeks later. This allowed me to consolidate my newfound skills and knowledge.
Since seeing Anne, I have developed my own supporting technique that works for me and my bub. I no longer feel like she would prefer to go to her father when she's upset. I feel much happier and more confident and relaxed. As such, my baby is happier and more relaxed. We've started co-sleeping with her. (We always wanted to but weren't sure how with all the SIDS recommendations. Anne gave us great advice and suggestions, which we were able to put in place.) The past three nights, I've been able to support my daughter off to sleep while she's lying in her cot, something that seemed impossible just a month ago! Overall I feel like I can do this, I feel like a good mother.
I would not hesitate to recommend Anne to anyone. She is so generous with her time, knowledge and skills that you get far more than what you pay for. She is worth every cent...and then some! I am so grateful I was lucky enough to meet her during a very dark time in my life. I look forward to a happy future with my family.

C.V - The Gap, QLD


Anne has a totally different way to approaching mothering.  It is about emotion and connection and pure love.  As sad as it sounds, Anne gave us permission to really love our difficult baby.  He had reflux and was a terrible sleeper.  Whilst it wasn't a miracle cure, we were equipped with an approach that could be applied to our baby and also also our older child.  Anne gives a lot of herself to the process.  She will become like your friend ... someone you can confide in without feeling judged.  It is important to know that the way she works is a process, not a solution!

C. C - The Gap, QLD


Without a doubt, you gave me the support, understanding and encouragement that I needed to be able to not only breastfeed better, but deal with my boy's painful colic and lack of sleeping, let alone my own insecurities and scepticism that what you do would help.  Thanks Anne ... I now have a very happy 8 month old baby and best of all, he has a happy, capable Mum.

K. W - Brisbane, QLD


Anne, I just wanted to let you know about my experience.  I have to be honest, even with the magical events that took place, I was feeling disappointed - because I wanted a routine and settling advice.  What I can say ... now ... is 'thank you'! 

Thankyou for bringing back the passion between my baby and me.  I feel like I have my baby back.  I couldn't breath her in enough!  I did some release crying with my baby tonight, and it felt wonderful when she finally released and feel asleep in my arms.  I could just feel that it was so needed by her. 

There has been such a wonderful shift between my baby and I.  Although I was already an 'attachment' type parent, the way I acknowledge her and feel for her has become stronger than ever.  I respect her more.  After her release last night, she had a great sleep and woke every three hours for feeding.  She is always a happy baby, but today was different.  Even my husband commented throughout the day how awesome and happy  and relaxed and content she was.  She was blissful and happy all day.  I'm hooked!  I need to know more.  How can I learn more of the magic?

Thank you so much for all your support and kindness.  I really appreciate it so much.  It has been really valuable acknowledging  what I needed with you.  What I have really, really appreciated is your presence and continuity in support.  It is a pretty daunting experience at first, and your understanding and presence was invaluable.  To be able to text you or make contact as needed, and get a response pretty quickly, helped me to achieve this magical shift.  I really appreciated it. 

Again ... thank you for everything ... if only all Mums could feel their babies (instead of being caught up in all the overwhelming baby info out there) like I have today.  I think it is important for you to get people's attention as to why other methods don't work and invite them on this wonderful journey you have to offer.

PS: My Mummy is so connected to me!  I'm happier and calmer than ever.  She is listening to me and understands me. Thank you. Love Baby H.

R. H - Northern NSW

Due to the lack of services where I live, the thing that was getting me down was the need for physical help, and every avenue I went down, was a dead end.  And then I found you!  I really can't thank you enough for the phone consultation we had.  It was great therapy.  I really hadn't spoken about the stress and circumstances surrounding the boy's birth.  I was carrying a lot of guilt.  I have since, howwever, spoken to the boys about what happened and now feel that we can begin to move on.  It has also made me more understanding of their needs.  Thanks again Anne ... you are truely an angel.

E. P - Rural QLD


You kindly provided me with support in the early weeks after having my son.  I just wanted to email you an update to you and say thank you for the information/support you provided during my phone/email consultation to assist with sleeping, etc. 

The information you provided has been such a good resource to fall back on over the past months.  My son is now 6 months old and growing so quickly!  The information you provided has been great for me to refer to and realise that everything he has been doing is normal.  It has also allowed me to support him better.

So I just wanted to let you know that we are going well, and he is generally sleeping well (sometimes impacted by teething, development, practising skills, mental leaps ... who knows heh heh!).  He is a happy little boy.

R. G - Brisbane, QLD


Anne came to us when our daughter was five months old.  After that amount of time, of precious little sleep and a highly strung, inconsolable baby, our whole family was struggling.  Anne came to us for three days.  The transformation was incredible.  Our little girl not only slept, she had an opportunity to release her very pent up emotions in an attachment based, loving environment.  We learnt so many valuable techniques which not only helped our daughter to sleep (and save our sanity), we also continue to employ them with both our children on a daily basis.  These techniques have become the basis for our parenting, and we are so grateful to Anne for leading us through them.

T. T - Gold Coast, QLD


Anne came to us when my daughter was just under six months old.  I had been following a very gentle and hands-on approach for the first four months of her life, and she was a very, very unsettled baby.  Although I was happy with the approach I was taking, I came under a lot of criticism from various people around me who kept telling me there was something wrong with my baby because she cried so much.  I didn't think there was anything wrong with her ... we just had a difficult birth, and I think she took a long time to recover from that (because I now I did).  But the crying was so tiring, so off to the doctor I went, and she told me there was nothing wrong with my baby, and that I should just do controlled crying, and the crying would stop!  That was the biggest parenting mistake I have made.  She went from sleeping well, to sleeping for only one sleep cycle at a time, day or night.  After almost two months of not getting any more than thirty minutes sleep at a time, I was exhausted - and that is when Anne came to help us. 

Anne gave me the confidence to go back to my original approach to parenting, and helped me apply a flexible support framework that worked for our family.  She gave me practical strategies to deal with crying, sleep and 'tantrums' (I hate that word, but you know what I mean) at any age - and that was something I was concerned about when engaging Anne ... that I would need to go back to her everytime I had a different 'issue' ... but you don't; you learn a range of skills that will help you no matter what you are dealing with. 

If you are after somebody who will guarantee your child will 'sleep through' after one night of 'training', then Anne's approach is not for you.  My daughter started to sleep better almost immediately after Anne visited us.  She did not 'sleep through' the night for along time, but she is now a much better sleeper than lots of other kids her age who were sleep trained, because of the work that we have done with her to make her feel safe and content.  And she trusts that we will come to her in the night if she needs us (and she even says to me before she goes to bed 'but I can call out to Mummy if I need Mummy through the night?").

C. M - Brookwater, QLD


One very satisfied (intra-state) client of The Baby Calmer has outlined a BEFORE and AFTER comparison, having experienced The Baby Calmer's Premium Telephone / Skype Consultation Package for her eight week old baby:

BEFORE: Mostly we are unable to settle our eight week old baby.  
AFTER: No need to settle her, we just go with her and work it through.

BEFORE: She has bad wind and possibly some silent reflux - we have to burp her for long periods of time and she acts as if she is in extreme pain.  
AFTER: There is now no issue, she is now working her own burps up after a feed by doing a wave motion with her body or using her fits to suck. I assist if needed.

BEFORE: Stays awake for long periods during the day (restless/crying) and only napping 20-60 minutes 2/3 times per day.

AFTER: Is sleeping soundly throughout the last three days.

BEFORE: Cannot seem to settle her after first morning feed 6am.  
AFTER: No issue now, goes back to sleep with ease.

BEFORE: Can sleep better at night 5/6hrs - waking for 2/3 feeds during the night.  
AFTER: Sleeps longer and still loves her feeds!

BEFORE: Very unsettled in her sleep - moves around a lot.  
AFTER: Relaxed in her sleep.

BEFORE: Only goes to sleep when she is exhausted and then we can actually lay her down.  
AFTER: No issue now, easily goes to sleep and we can put her down whilst she is tired and she will go to sleep. At this stage always with us in sight.

BEFORE: Sleeps better at night lying on our chest.  
AFTER: Still loves this, so do we!

BEFORE: Wakes easily and can wake up in a state.  
AFTER: Waking up calmly and smiling at us.

BEFORE: Also seems very restless from 5pm until anything up to 11pm.  
AFTER: No issue because we are now providing empathic listening and responding.

BEFORE: Wants to be held constantly and does not like to be put down.  
AFTER: Still loves to be held and we love holding her, but can now put her down when needed.

BEFORE: Likes to be held up right whilst we are walking around and if we sit down she starts crying until we stand up and walk around again. 
AFTER: No issue because we are now providing empathic listening and responding.

BEFORE: Cries a lot and can work herself up to a real state.  
AFTER: Only happens now when we are doing emotional release work with her in our arms, and because we understand what this release means for her, and how it helps her, we support her through the process.

BEFORE: Doesn't like the bath or being towel washed, sometimes likes the shower.  
AFTER: Haven't tried bath yet but shower is fine.

BEFORE: Doesn't like nappy changes. 
AFTER: No issue now.

BEFORE: Seems to be very frustrated/angry.  
AFTER: Seems happy and at peace/relaxed.

J. S - Mackay, QLD


If you are after somene who can offer you support and advice about a parenting approach which is gentle and loving, then using The Baby Calmer's services is a great option.  There is a lot of different and conflicting parenting advice out there, but I think it is important to seek help from someone like Anne, who has a gentle approach, and who I know will work openly with you to achieve a positive outcome for both your child and yourself.  With the arrival of our second child, we were rather stressed, as she was very unsettled.  It was also very life changing for our eldest child.  With Anne's support, we were able to focus on different areas and work towards re-establishing harmony.

C. L - Arana Hills, QLD.


Our son was never a 'good sleeper' and after twelve months of being able to count on my hands how many nights he had actually slept through, I had stumbled across Anne.  Anne spent one twelve hour day in our house, and suggested we go down another path (osteopath) to see if there was something actually physically wrong with him, as we discovered he had some pain / fear with lying down.  We put off another session with Anne until we had gone down the other path first.  When we got back in touch with Anne, we explored the idea that he had birth trauma, which was not something I thought of at first, because from my perspective, it wasn't too traumatic.  Anne helped us work through that and affirmed all my parenting choices, which gave me the confidence that I was doing the right thing for my son.  He still does not sleep through the night, HOWEVER, he is a much happier child and I know that I can support him ... whatever way he needs me to.  If someone told me before going to see Anne that he still won't sleep through, but he will be a much happier and easily settled baby, I still would have taken her services.  The less stress I feel now certainly makes up for those interruptions during the night.  Anne helped our family bring balance to our lives.  Anne works for what is best for the child, and the family, and doesn't have her own agenda and time constraints, as from what I've heard, other sleep people have.

K. K - Manly, QLD


I rang Anne in desperation when my son was 5 months old, he was waking every 45mins at night, and up at 3.00am in the morning and I couldn't get him back to sleep. I was absolutely exhausted and he would hardly sleep during the day either so I couldn't catch up on any sleep. We were both so overtired and cranky, making each day almost unbearable. He was also finding it very hard to relax and wind down ... making it hard to fall asleep. I had read stupid books and listened to everyones advice (typical nervous first time mum). And I was wondering why my baby wasn't doing what the book said he should do. 

When I look back now I can't believe how far I have matured in my knowledge of babies and what they need from me. Anne helped to steer me in the right direction, her words of encouragement and advice helped me to take off the blinkers and see the whole picture.

I took my son down to Anne's house and we stayed overnight where her support was available for 24hours. Anne helps mothers as well as babies, and she showed me some techniques to get my baby to relax and get back to sleep. But I also did some sandplay therapy with her and it significantly changed the way I see my baby. After coming home I was able to get my son back to sleep in the mornings and he would sleep a little longer - his sleeps during the day increased also and I was slowly getting my energy back.

I have kept in touch with Anne and her support has been invaluable, my son is now 11months and he is such a happy, content little boy. I have not turned back.  He sleeps in till 7.00am every morning, and only wakes twice a night on average. He has two big sleeps during the day and I dont feel tired. Which is a vast improvement!

I would recommend Anne's support to every first time mum ... I only wish I went to her sooner than I did.

H. S - Toowoomba, QLD


I have called on Anne's help twice with our little girl, once to help with daytime naps and the other to focus on a later occurring night time problem. Anne is an amazing fountain of knowledge and has such gentle methods in supporting a baby's sleeping issues, I knew I was in good hands from the very start. I was very confused between all the reading material out there and my natural instincts, so I was struggling with a lot of conflict and loss of confidence, but Anne's advice and support made everything much simpler. Such a relief!

After Anne's first visit, I had regained a lot of confidence and a few email questions later (answered very promptly), helped resolve any new issues or questions that arose in the days after while implementing some new techniques. The seconds visits we had from Anne for night time issues were also fantastic, I was literally dreading what might happen when we tried to resolve these issues, but the night time sessions went so smoothly, I could not have been happier or asked for a better result.

Anne has an unmistakable love for babies and children and an amazing passion for what she does. She was very generous with her time and kindly suggested the best ways to make use of the time we had booked to ensure we received the best value for our investment. With the information and techniques Anne gave us, I've had confidence in dealing with new problems as they arose over the months, so I would really find it hard to put a value on everything Anne gave us. I would not hesitate to recommend Anne to anyone looking for a natural supportive way to deal with sleeping or behavioural issues with their baby. Thank you Anne!

A.T - Eatons Hill, QLD


I started looking for someone to help me get my four week old baby girl, who was only sleeping for 40 minutes at a time, to sleep longer. I was desperate and almost called a baby sleep "expert" who used a form of controlled crying until ... I was given Anne's number.

I first met Anne at her counselling rooms where she got to know my husband and I and our little girl. It was at this meeting that Anne helped me to realise that the sleeping wasn't the real problem but a symptom of deeper issues.

My baby and I had been separated for 2 days not long after she was born and we hadn't had an opportunity to bond in the most important time right after birth. I wasn't feeling connected to her and was feeling like I was a failure as a mother. Anne  helped me to look at the separation from my baby's point of view as well and to see how scared she must have been to be away from her mummy.

Anne asked me to hold my baby for the next 2 days while she slept until Anne came to see us at home. These 2 days were the most amazing days I had had with my baby since she was born. She slept for hours at a time in my arms and I felt the surge of love and happiness I had been waiting to feel for 4 weeks.

Anne then came to spend 12 hours with us at home where we explored our separation issues more and Anne explained the release cry and empathic listening to me. I learnt so much about my baby that day and everything just seemed to make sense.

I am so thankful everyday that I met Anne because I am sure if I hadn't met her my baby and I wouldn't be as happy and so in love with each other as we are today.

Anne made me feel instantly at ease, like we had known each other for years and made me feel calm and able to cope with any situation that might arise.

Anne changed our lives and continues to be a wonderful support if I ever have any questions.

Thank you Anne for being the wonderful person you are and for being there when we needed you most!

M. M - Carseldine, QLD


When this client first contacted me, she wrote "I noticed my baby cried a lot within the first few days we had him home and that he didn't like to be put down.  By the third week, the screaming was getting unbearable.  For the past few weeks he has been screaming the house down in the evenings, often around 8.30 to 11.00 pm.  He is inconsolable, and his arms and legs are flailing, and he is jabbing me when I rock him.  Right now, my husband and I are thinking that you might run away screaming, shut down your website and quite the business altogether after 12 hours with our little man.  Any help that you can give us would be good"!

The day after their 12 hour in-home visit (which I did not run away from LOL!) I received this email ...

Well, would you believe so far, so good?  He has been sleeping peacefully most of today, and is just finishing up a 3.5 hour stretch.  He did a release cry at 11.00 pm last night so I just held him while he cried.

And three days after their in-home visit, I received this news ...

Just wanted to let you know that things are awesome.  The weekend went really well.  The past two nights he has slept 5.5 hours in a row for the first stint!  He has never done this before.  At night, I find he sleeps well with the white noise and me sleeping beside him.  I am extremely grateful to you for your help.  My life is so different now, and I have been recommending you to everyone I see!  Thanks Anne!

J. M - Balmoral, QLD


These parents contacted The Baby Calmer for a telephone consultation due to concerns regarding the following observations of their 16 month old daughter: clingy, crying, tantrums, difficulty making eye contact, difficulty socialising with her peers at day-care.

Just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for your time on the phone the other night.  It was a big relief to speak to someone who confirmed what my instincts had been screaming at me all along!

I have been trying what you suggested and my daughter seems much more communicative.  I also spoke to her daycare Mum who was also happy not to go the 'tough love' route and to implement the suggestions you made  - to continue to pick my daughter up when she requests, letting her down when she is ready - and she reported that my daughter had a much better day, eventually initiating play with the other children (such a relief not being greeted at the door with the news that she spent her day being thoroughly miserable). 

My daughter is also making a lot more eye contact and using her language more.  I spoke to my husband (who, I should add, has also been implementing your strategies and I've noticed a big improvement in his and my daughter's relationship). 

Thank you again - it was great to speak with you and I was amazed at how much a difference it has made!

R. B - Capalaba, QLD


Things are definately improving ... I can see daily improvements of things progessing, which is great.  I am feeling on the mend, and with a new perspective, feel like a better Mum.

Thanks for my nutritional supplements.  I really think they have helped me heaps.

We are still going gently with the cot transition, and day sleeps happen wherever, just to get him to the next sleep state.  I have practised putting him in the cot to start with, when he is awake, to help change the negative associations we have had in the past (of not knowing how to support him to sleep).  I am taking everything day by day, but can definately see improvements.

We had a really unsettled night last night, so I put him back to bed with me this morning at 8 am, and we are still in bed and it is 10.30 am ... YEAH!  Yesterday, I put him in his cot at 9am and he woke at 9.50am, but I was sitting in the chair watching him, and he put himself back to sleep twice.  He slept 20 minutes longer than he usually does.  This is big stuff, and great progression in our world!

Yesterday I even prepared a meal in the slow cooker, and got some washing on and cooked a rice dish - I know there will be days when this won't always be possible, but definately feel like you have given me some great skills and knowledge, and I feel very positive that in time, my baby boy will be sleeping properly.

Also, when he has a release cry in my arms, I feel heaps more confident because I see his crying differently now, and I know he is just trying to tell me something, and I feel so much calmer.

I am so glad you came to us when you did.  It was perfect timing, and just the type of support I needed.  I am definately in a much better place, and am so grateful.  I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for me and my family.  Thanks Anne.

L. G - Carindale, QLD


I had a massive hemorrage after my daughter was born and we were separated for a long time whilst I went under general anasthetic for surgery to stop the bleeding.  A few weeks later, just as I was regaining my strength, my beautiful baby developed reflux, with associated feeding and weight loss issues.  I felt like she just cried and cried for months!

I wanted some way of dealing with the emotional trauma we had been through.  The doctors were excellent with our physial health, but The Baby Calmer gave us the tools for releasing the stress of the last few months, which really brought us closer together as a family.

We live in Perth, and couldn't travel at such a difficult time, so skype was the only option.  Ideally, I would have loved to work with Anne face to face, but with my husband by my side, skype was the next best thing.

Our beautiful daughter is now 14 months.  She is still sensitive in nature, but now we have more understanding of what stresses her out, how to reduce the stress, and how to deal with unavoidable stress.

I always believed in the value of releasing my own stress and tension, so it makes perfect sense that babies benefit from this too.  I would really be annoyed if I was distressed about something, and the people I love kept trying to distract me with food or games.  Now I respect my baby's feelings more and respond lovingly.

J. J - Perth, W.A


Can't find the words to describe our last 4 days with The Baby Calmer (Anne).  I'm still absorbing the enormity of what has taken place.  She has certainly changed my family's life.  I wish every mother had access to this priceless support and guidance.  This lady is one very valuable asset to any family!  Thankyou Anne!  I look forward to learning more from you!

B. D - Cashmere, QLD


My baby was a very good sleeper from the time she was born until 8 months.  All of a sudden, she changed and kept waking up at night.  She woke up at least 10 times every night.  I called the nurse at 13health, and asked for help.  I actually called them so many times, some of the nurses recognised my voice.  I just couldn't figure out where the problem was.  In the end, the nurses asked me to try 'camping out'.  This method made my baby freak out, and I could see that she was very anxious.  After 3 hours, I said I couldn't handle it anymore and should stop it.  That was the worst night ever.  My baby woke up every 15 minutes or so.  I called the nurse again and said that it wasn't working.  They told me it was the first night, so keep trying.  I had a feeling that it was not right, and told the nurse I couldn't do it anymore. One thing I noticed is that the nurses from 13health were giving me a standard answer.  I eventually became frustrated dealing with them. In the end, the nurse told me The Baby Calmer may be able to help us in this situation.

The first time I called Anne, I could tell she was a very nice and professional person.  She sounded very confident in what she was doing.  I discussed her services with my husband, and we decided on a one-day (12 hour) service.  Before Anne came, I sent her a diary of my baby's daily activities.  She figured out that my baby was having separation anxiety.  She told me what to do to help calm my baby before she came to our house.
When Anne arrived at our home, surprisingly my baby didn't cry when meeting this new person.  Anne used a step-by-step approach to help our baby feel comfortable with her.  At the end of the night, my usually anxious baby (around strangers) felt comfortable being held by Anne.
Anne showed me how I could help my baby to release her feelings / emotions (release crying).  Any time when my baby didn't have a good sleep the night before, or when she shows that she is having a bad day, I would use the technique Anne showed me and help my baby release her feelings and emotions.  These released cries are 100% effective in allowing my baby to have a good night's sleep.

Thank you so much for your time and support,  You are truly 'The Baby Calmer'!

E. Y - Sunnybank Hills, QLD

When this new Mum first contacted The Baby Calmer, she described herself as feeling over-tired, out of her depth, and failing miserably.  A few days after we finished working together, I received this message from her:

I woke up this morning feeling like a mother.  I'm not in an acting role anymore.

A. J - Toowong, QLD


Before Anne came along, we were getting up to our 14 month old boy 2 to 4 times a night.  He had only slept through the night 12 times in 14 months!  He was also very distant, and didn't like to be cuddled or held for reasons we didn't know.  Then, just to top it off, he had a really sensitive gag reflex and would vomit nearly every feed and was still having pureed foods similar to a 9 month old.  So Anne definately had her work cut out for her!

After the first day and doing various techniques Anne had shown us, there was already improvement in his affection towards us, with my husband getting his first cuddle in along time when coming home from work.  The first night he woke once then slept through the next 5 nights in a row!  He now sleeps 10 - 12 hours every night.

We still continue with the techniques Anne showed us and our 14 month old is now a totally different child.  He is so affectionate now, and loves sitting on our laps and having cuddles - which is the most amazing feeling as we'd never really experienced this with him.  He is also eating perfectly and rarely vomits.

Anne also helped our 3 year old son, who had a fear of sitting on the toilet.  We couldn't even get him in the vicinity of the toilet if we mentioned "number 2s", without kicking and screaming.  He'll now happily climb up and sit on the toilet!

Having Anne come to our house has honestly changed our lives; we were going insane with no sleep, plus the stress of all the other little things.  Both the boys connected with Anne straight away and we all felt at ease.

We now feel like we have our life back and have the energy to spend more quality time with the kids.

Thank you Anne!

A. T - Victoria Point, QLD


I had an horrific experience when I had a 'so called' sleep professional come to my house.  Her method was that my baby had to be put into bed awake, only comfort her for cetrtain amounts of time etc ... all the usual CC stuff.  My baby was 8 weeks old and responded really badly.  For the past few weeks (my baby is now 16 weeks old) I have carried soooo much guilt about putting her through that.  I forced her through it for 3 whole days - can you believe it?!

But ...  I am happy to report that I found a solution to our sleep issues.  My baby is sleeping 9 pm to 5 am, waking for breastfeeding between 5 am and 5.30 am, then sleeping to 7.30 / 8.00 am.  Day sleeps are 1 hour in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon, and 40 to 60 minutes early evening.  A perfect situation at 16 weeks, and such an improvement on where we were before.

The solution did not involve CC.  I was given the permission I needed to cuddle and nurture my baby as much as she and I wanted.  The best part - the sleeping improvement - is really just a great by-product of the bigger picture.  What I learned was how to read my baby, how to listen to her, and help her release her stresses so she can sleep.  I was able to relieve the guilt I had built up after putting my precious baby through the CC saga.  I have found the way I want to parent my daughter, and feel I havae all the tools to do it well.  I feel more connected to my baby.  She's so happy, relaxed and thriving.  The sleep was just a bonus.

The lady who helped me was Anne (The Baby Calmer).

If CC doesn't feel right to you, it's not!  I am living proof that there are beautiful ways to help your baby sleep without risking the important trust and bond we have with our babies.By the way, my daughter hd major issues riding in the car and that problem is fixed now too!  I don't often make recommendations for fear that I end up lookign silly.  But I just can't explain how much Anne was able tohelp us and I am so glad I found her while my bub is still young, because I now feel so much better equipped to be a great Mum.

L. C - Coomera Waters, QLD


Before I contacted Anne I was a very tired and confused mother of a new baby who didn't fit into any of the guidlelines in the (many) books I'd read while pregnant.  Convinced I was doing something wrong, and determined not to go down the controlled 'comforting' path, I started to search for someone to help us.

Lucky for me I found Anne's website, and from our first converstaion was reassured that everything was OK, and I was by no means alone, and that yes, there was a better away of helping my baby to sleep.

From the calm voice on the end of the phone to the comforting presence in my home, Anne helped me immensely through the long, sometimes difficult early weeks.

Thanks so much Anne.

S. B - Geebung, QLD


We contacted Anne for help with our 2 boys after a friend had great success with her.

We were having trouble with our 7mth old who was very difficult to settle to sleep and then woke frequently overnight and were also having behaviour problems with our 2.5 yr old who was very sensitive and whingy.

We booked Anne for a 3 day visit and when she arrived the boys bonded with her immediately, which for our eldest is very unusual.

We all felt at ease as Anne guided us through her techniques. The first two nights our baby settled much easier than normal, then woke only once around 4am. Which was wonderful. Then the third night he slept straight through - 12hrs! We were shocked and well rested for the first time in 7mths. A few weeks later when he started teething we had a few wakeful nights but with our newfound confidence we were able to help him return to sleeping through the night.

Whilst we were thrilled with the improvement in our baby we were absolutely amazed in the change of our 2.5yr old!

Anne taught us how to help him release his stress & fears, and the change in him was instant.  It was as though a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He became more confident and friendly and his whinging almost disappeared. His increased confidence greatly improved his speech, which was very behind for his age. He has gone from having around 50 words to over 300 in 2 months and for the first time is speaking in sentences, and is happy to attempt new words. All in all we are a much happier, relaxed and well rested family.

Thank you Anne.

T. R - Toowoomba, QLD


When I first called Anne, I was in a place where I didn't think that things would really improve for a long time.  I had started sleeping on a mattress on the floor with my 9 month old to get her to sleep, and this had grown to me being permanently in her room from about 8pm at night.  If I left, she would wake up after about 5 to 10 minutes.  My husband and I barely saw each other.  After talking to Anne on the phone however, I started to feel more positive. 

When she came over for a 3 night stay, she made me feel at ease straight away.  Anne is concerned for you as a whole family unit, not just your little one.  She listens and does not judge, and unlike 'sleep trainers' (which Anne is not), she truly does work with you and your individual situation. 

The first night, our little one slept for about 5 hours straight, and this improved over the next two nights and she was sleeping in her cot by the second night.  Anne is very supportive of co-sleeping and would have worked out how I could have kept this arrangement, but I wanted to see how our little girl would be sleeping in a cot but still near us, as my husband and I needed to spend more time together.  Anne worked out a great daily pattern for us and it is still working months later.

Anne also showed me how I could help my baby release her physical tension and stored emotional stress in a safe and supportive environment.  It truly  helped her sleep!   After one particular session (with Anne supporting us both) my baby had a long release (whilst being held in my arms).  When my baby had finished  expressing  her feelings and releasing her stored emotional stress she gave me a smile filled with so much calmness and relief ... and then was happy (and able) to go off into a peaceful, deep sleep.  It was beautiful to see.

Anne taught me skills that will last a life time and the biggest thing that she helped me with were some of my own issues and concerns I had as a mother.  Her comprehensive education, training and natural skills with babies makes Anne a truly caring and professional person, who has a genuine interest in trying to make your little one and the whole family sleep better and become more emotionally connected.  I cannot recommend her enough.  She helped me and my baby which helped us all as a family unit.

Thank you so much Anne for your time, knowledge and caring and of course, more sleep.

You truly are a Baby Calmer!

S. J - Spring Hill, QLD


At a practical level, having Anne at home with us was wonderful.  For a start, there was no packing and unpacking to go to a centre - a foreign environment for us all.  Also, being in our space and having Anne see what we did meant our Baby Calmer could make meaningful suggestions in context - making it easier to follow advice once she had gone. 

I definately recommend a three day program.  It made sure we could keep going over things and trying new things too.

At an emotional level Anne was wonderful - supportive and caring, just what we all needed. 

Also, we found Anne to be very flexible and open to our requirements, and her philosophies and way of working were very in tune with what we wanted for our precious son. 

What more could you ask?!

J. M - Eatons Hill, QLD


We called Anne "The Baby Calmer" after reading everything we could get out hands on, trying to get advice and getting thoroughly confused.

Anne came to our home and approached our situation with thoughfulness and understanding.  We were terribly sleep deprived and at a loss as to how to settle our fractious baby.

Anne spent time getting to know us and our little girl before walking us through techniques that were practical and got results!

We were so grateful to Anne for her patience and empathy, making sure that we were comfortable with all facets of the information she was able to help with.  All of this was backed up by research that was left in a concise folder that we found easy to reference. The added bonus is Anne's network of practitioners who were able to help us with our baby's health issues.  The combination let us enjoy our baby and our life!

I found Anne to be passionate about supporting the bond between parents and their babies and simply cannot thank her enough for her geniune help and guidance.  I would recommend her to any family looking to expand on the joys (and difficulties) of parenting.

K. W -Manly West, QLD


The Baby Calmer's approach was as she said ... "no crying down"!

I found that her approach and techniques were easy to follow and my baby responded wonderfully by the end of the day session.

Anne had my baby's and my interests at heart and there was no pressure to do anything we weren't comfortable with.  It was a very gentle and caring approach.

C. W - Ashgrove, QLD


I was so pleased to discover that my expectations of my 8 week old were not out of line.

Having someone come into my home to discuss concerns of mine, and provide strategies and practical solutions to help resolve our issues was great.  It was so much easier than trying to explain to someone with words what was occuring ... she could see for herself exactly what was happening.

I would recommend The Baby Calmer to anyone who is having difficulties with their precious babies, so that they can feel assured and confident about themselves again.

S. P - Bridgeman Downs, QLD


Anne is very thorough with her method and explains her approach well. 

She is an extremely positive person and had a wonderful way with our baby.  He was so fascinated by Anne during her overnight stay.

Anne made us feel supported and all her follow-up emails were invaluable. 

I just loved Anne's approach to our situation, which involved no controlled crying what-so-ever, as it was more emotion based, rather than control based.

K. R - Mt. Nebo, QLD


The Baby Calmer is an extremely nice lady, and has helped me so much.  Tonight is now not so scary!

D. L - Pinjarra Hills


Anne gave me back my sanity and restored my faith in my abilities as a great Mum.

B. V - Wavel Heights, QLD


I feel a lot more confident in handling the worst of the difficult behaviour having learned some new strategies and skills.  I'm keen to keep expanidng my knowledge, and work towards a harmonious household.

D. L - Chapel Hill, QLD


Thank you so much for your time this morning.  I got off the phone much more determined to use my mothering instinct and to banish all the 'book remedies' from my thoughts.  As a result, both my baby and I had a fantastic day.  She had two great sleeps (at times she dictated ... not the books) and didn't cry at all when she was put down.  I also started to talk to her - I did this with my first one but in the hecticness and stressfulness of her arrival, I had forgotten how important this simple tool was!  My mother-in-law popped around this afternoon to help me get them into bed and she kept saying how she could not believe how different both my baby and I looked and acted.  She was so happy for us!

I am feeling much more comfortable and confident in what I am doing now.

It is amazing that in the last couple of days I have rung the 13 health number on numerous occasions, seen my GP and gone to the health clinic, and each of the conversations focused on what I was doing and not on what my little baby was doing.  After speaking with you and chatting with my wonderful husband, I realised that my baby was the one to watch and read.  It's just funny that none of the other health professionals really suggested this or tried to restore my confidence in what I was doing.

I can't tell you how much I appreciated your time this morning.

L. D - Mt Gravatt, QLD