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Calm Connections

Calm Connections aims to meet the needs of new mothers who are seeking companionship, support and mentoring within a gentle parenting framework.

Hosted, supported and mentored by The Baby Calmer aka Anne Thistleton (BEd MEd MCouns) Calm Connections is available to all mothers who want to be 'real' about parenthood, and meet with other mothers, to talk about their joys and challenges, and share their struggles - in a supportive, gentle parenting context.

The group is open to all mothers who want to connect with other mothers who will acknowledge and understand their difficulties, and provide mutual support.

Each meeting will make space for everyone to come along with their baby to talk, listen and ask questions.  The parenting  topic(s) for discussion at each meeting will either be pre-selected by The Baby Calmer, or based on the interests, needs or requests of the women who have booked to attend.

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Investment:  $27 per meeting.  Attend your first meeting for FREE!

Light refreshments included.

Max group number is currently limited to 10 adults per meeting.

Our next meeting is on: T.B.A.



This group is definately 'for you' if you can relate to one or more of the following:

  • you would emjoy meeting with a group of mothers who share similar parenting values to you.
  • you would appreciate and value the shared wisdom of others, and the support and mentoring you would receive from a qualified parenting educator/consultant and family therapist.
  • you despise baby trainers, and take offense when people tell you to leave your baby to cry it out, that you are making a rod for your own back, that your baby is trying to manipulate you to get what s/he wants, that you are too soft, that tough love might help, etc, etc!
  • your mind says 'get up and go' but your body says 'no'!
  • you are seriously considering buying shares in Kleenex tissues (especially the Aloe Vera ones)
  • you have considered popping your baby in a post-box marked 'return to sender'!
  • forty-eight hours can easily pass without you changing out of your pyjamas ... or into them for that matter!
  • some days you can't even get dressed because the laundry isn't done, and all your clothes are covered in baby vomit.
  • it's been so long since you've cooked a meal, your local takeaway can predict your phone order!
  • your partner has developed extraordinary tip-toeing skills.
  • you could critique the entire works of 'Hall' or 'Ford' in the dust that covers most flat surfaces in your home.
  • all of the above - you definately must join us :)