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Zoom Consultations:

The Baby Calmer's Zoom Consultation Package - Overview:

The Baby Calmer's Zoom Consultation Packages are perfectly suited to:

  • Parents of newborns and older babies, toddlers or young children, either from the Brisbane area, or intrastate, interstate and internationally.
  • Parents of newborns and older babies, toddlers or young children, who either do not reside in the Brisbane area, who would find attending The Baby Calmer's rooms or accommodating an in-home consultation or support service logistically challenging, or who may prefer a more economical option to a home visit.

The Baby Calmer's services are specifically designed to support parents who:

  • are feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of conflicting parenting information available
  • are seeking safe, gentle, research based, trauma informed, somatic / emotion-focused information and guidance 
  • would benefit from an empathic and supportive listening ear
  • need support to help guide them towards the most developmentally appropriate, immediately tangible options that will make a difference to their own parenting concerns or their baby, toddler or young child's presenting issues.

The Baby Calmer’s Zoom Consultation Package can help parents:

  • express their frustrations and struggles to someone who can understand and empathise with their difficulties, put them at ease, and begin to offer some immediate and useful information, guidance, reassurance, counselling and / or support that responds to their  specific parenting issue or concerns regarding their newborn, toddler or young child.

The usefulness of your zoom consultation package will largely depend on the nature and complexity of your parenting concerns, and / or your baby, toddler or young child's presenting issue(s).  It is important to acknowledge that whilst a brief 'Reassurance' Zoom consultation package can provide enough time to offer the 'general' support and immediate feedback most parents are seeking, it is unrealistic to expect that any long-standing or complex issue(s) can be resolved in this context.  The Baby Calmer may recommend  a more extensive type of support package for long-standing or complex issues.  Generally speaking, the 'Reassurance' Zoom consultation package is described by clients as a helpful starting point, regardless of whether or not more support is deemed to be needed.

The Baby Calmer's professional philosophies and approaches to supporting and guiding parents and their babies, toddlers and young children are very much based on safe approaches, sound research, as well as current insights into infant and early years development.  A strong focus is placed on supporting, fostering and preserving both the attachment process as well as the physical and emotional bonding  that occurs between parents and their baby, toddler  or young child.  A baby, toddler or young child's wholistic wellbeing is always the priority, the approaches and information provided will be reflective of this professional philosophy.  Clients can be assured that The Baby Calmer will never recommend, teach or use any forms of controlled crying, controlled comforting, controlled settling or other ignoring strategies when working with families.

Your 'Reassurance' or your 'Supportive ALL DAY' Zoom consultation package may focus on any or all of the following:

  • presenting general advice and information regarding newborn sleep and / or crying; specific guidance related to any parenting challanges you may have; empathic and compassionate reassurance; birth-debriefing, counselling and / or support; insights and sharing of developmentally appropriate strategies  in relation to your baby, toddler or young child's presenting issues, or your specific parenting issue.

The Baby Calmer's Zoom Consultation Package Options, Formats and Fees:

◊  'Reassurance' Zoom Consultation Package (for all age babies, toddlers and children): $345 AUD

- up to 3 hours of information, guidance and support available for parents available anywhere between 9.30 am and 9.30 pm, depending on mutual availability.

◊  'Supportive ALL DAY / ALL NIGHT' Zoom Consultation Package (all age babies, toddlers and young children): $545 AUD

.- up to 6 hours of zoom support available (usually) anywhere between 9.30 am and 9.30 pm, depending on mutual availability
'Supportive' ALL DAY / ALL NIGHT Zoom Consultaton Format:
During your 'Supportive' ALL DAY Zoom Consultation with The Baby Calmer, I will be on zoom 'standby' to support you and your baby for the duration of the six hour period.  Time permitting, and depending on what is presented as your most urgent support requirement(s), together with The Baby Calmer, you (and your partner if you wish) and your baby, toddler or young child may:
  • Prepare and further share a situational overview of yours and your baby, toddler or young child's presenting issues.
  • Complete a pre and perinatal interview and parenting history.
  • Complete a Birth Debrief.
  • Outline the goals, outcomes and expectations you have for your current presenting issue.
  • Discuss and reflect on your feelings around the particular parenting challenge(s) you are currently experiencing.
  • Explore possible options, strategies and approaches that may alleviate your immediate concerns and lead towards a solution focused future for you and your baby, toddler or young child.
  • Consider and make decisions about the most beneficial way of meeting yours and your baby, toddler or young child's future needs.
  • Develop an outline of the most developmentally appropriate and suitable techniques / approaches to help support your baby, toddler or young child's sleep challange(s), and/or your specific parenting challenges, and create a brief overview of how to implement the aforementioned.
  • Trial some of the techniques and approaches suggested by The Baby Calmer, and receive immediate feedback and support via telephone or skype.
  • Discuss how you can independently incorporate and implement your gentle, emotion-focused sleep or parenting support plan for your baby, toddler or young child in your own home.
  • Ask further questions, gain deeper awareness and develop a more detailed insight around your specific parenting concern(s) or your baby, toddler or young child's presenting issue(s).
  • Debrief your Zoom consultation experience with The Baby Calmer, and ensure that all relevant aspects of your consultation goals, outcomes and expectations have been addressed.

Optional: a further 7 days of complimentary ongoing email and texting support as you independantly implement the options, strategies and approaches recommended and discussed, or collaboratively designed, during your consultation is available to purchase for an additional $145 (fair use policy applies).

Additonal General Information and How to Book:

  • Your Zoom consultation commences from the time the consultation was booked.  Please ensure that you are available to access Zoom during this time.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you utilise your consultation time with The Baby Calmer to your best advantage. 
  • Zoom contact will be made by The Baby Calmer.

Booking Process:

Your Zoom consultation with The Baby Calmer can be booked by telephone on 0420 942 256 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Prior to the commencement of your Zoom consultation with The Baby Calmer, you will be required to complete a detailed questionnaire, which will be emailed to you upon booking your consultation, and must be retunred to The Baby Calmer 48 hours prior to your consultation.

Pre-payment is Essential -

All 'Reassurance' and 'Supportive' Zoom consultations are confirmed upon the receipt of a non-refundable, pre-payment. 

Upon receipt of your non-reundable pre-payment, your appointment period is specifically set aside for you, and confirmed.

Payment Terms and Conditions -

  • A non-refundable, pre-payment (in full) is required to confirm all 'Reassurance' and 'Support' Zoom Consultations (via credit card or direct deposit).  Credit card payments (via Paypal) or direct deposit payments must be received by close of business, on the same day the appointment for the initial session was made.  If confirmation is not received by close of business on the same day that the appointment was made, the reserved appointment will be automatically cancelled, and another appointment time will need to be booked.  I do not send out reminders for confirmation pre-payments. 

  • If, due to an emergency situation or unexpected illness, a "Reassurance' or 'Supportive' Zoom Consultation needs to be rescheduled, I offer one rescheduling without any forfeiting of the non-refundable prepayment.  A rescheduled consultation must be re-booked and attended within 14 days of the original session date.  From time to time, there may be extenuating circumstances where I may allow a longer period for rescheduling, and that decision will be at my discretion.  However, no refund will be provided.