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About Anne Thistleton Counselling

Anne Thistleton Counselling is an infant, child, adult, parenting, family and relationships counselling service, which offers the following modalities, for adults, teenagers, children and babies:

  • Clinical Birth Trauma Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Synergetic Play Therapy
  • Filial Therapy
  • Sandplay Therapy and Symbolwork
  • Expressive Therapies
  • Bonding Therapy
  • Breastfeeding Therapy
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Somatic Touch Work
  • Transforming Touch
  • Transforming Intentional Touch
  • NeuroAffective Touch
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Brainspotting
  • Brainspotting for Children
  • Interactive Drawing Therapy
  • Movingness
  • Clinical Aromatherapy
  • Nutritional Medcine - Mental Health
  • Parenting Support and Education (including HUG Your Baby, Circle of Security, Bringing Baby Home)
  • Somatic Sleep Support - for infants, toddlers, children, teenagers and adults

Anne Thistleton Counselling focuses on supporting clients who present with the follow concerns:

Infants, Children and Adolescents Aged birth to 17 years:

Birth trauma, sleep distrubances and / or challenges, fears, nightmares,  anxiety, crying a lot, unexplained clingy behaviour, PTSD, depression, self-esteem issues, aggression / acting out, ADD/ADHD, grief and loss issues, relationship issues - family, peers, school, school issues - bullying, social, behavioural, learning difficulties.

Adults Aged 18+:

Depression - including pre and post-natal depression, Birth Trauma, PTSD, anxiety and depression, Self-esteem issues, relationship issues, communication issues, grief and loss issues, parenting concerns, workplace bullying and harassment.

Anne Thistleton Counselling also provides birth debriefing for birthing professionals, new mothers / parents, along with on-going post-natal counselling and support.

My Location & Contact Details:

Anne Thistleton Counselling rooms are located in Brisbane's western suburbs (Mt Ommaney). 

Anne Thistleton Counselling also offers counselling sessions and parenting support via Zoom.

In-home counselling sessions are available within the general Brisbane area (within 40 kms of my rooms.  A travelling fee applies).

You can contact Anne Thistleton Counselling by phoning: 0420 942 256

My Rooms:

My counselling rooms are decorated in restful, earth tones to provide a gentle, welcoming space where clients can feel calm, safe and grounded.

The Mt Ommaney Shopping Centre is located nearby on Dandenong Rd, and hosts most major retailers, and several coffee shops. Rocks River Park, at Seventeen Mile Rocks, is about 6 minutes drive from my rooms.  Homemaker City – located in Goggs Rd (just off the Centenary Highway) is a 5 minute drive from my rooms.
Considerations for your child's counselling session:
Prior to working with children, parents are required to participate in an intitial interview to discuss their concerns with me. The purpose of this interview is for me to gain a more detailed history of your child, as well as some background information regarding the presenting concerns.  It is also recommended that parents  participate in their own therapeutic process, personal sessions, personal development or receive ongoing parenting support while their child is receiving therapeutic support.  Anne Thistleton Counselling offers a range of individual, couple and parenting counselling and support services. 
Anne Thistleton Counselling also offers the following parenting courses:
  • Somatic Sleep Support
  • The HUG Your Baby Program
  • Gottman Bring Baby Home Program
  • Gottman Emotion Coaching Program
  • The Circle of Security Program
  • Infant Massage Lessons
Post Session Considerations: 
Try to schedule some time immediately afterwards (either at home or in an alternate space) to allow for relaxation and the integration of session material for your child and/or for yourself.

From time to time, clients may experience a continued emergence of feelings immediately or some time after the session or in the days following. If there are any significant changes that are worrying to you, please make contact with me via text or email to discuss your concerns.

Be aware of changes in your child(ren), and respond with closeness, understanding, support, emotional safety and security. Please make contact with me via text or email if you have any questions or concerns.


As an adult, the content of your appointment is confidential, except in circumstances required by law.

Children are afforded the same right to confidentiality as adults.

The boundaries of confidentiality will be explained to you or your child during your / their first session.

Clinic Appointment Availability 2021:

Tuesday  8.00 am  9.30 am  11.00 am  12.30 pm  2.00 pm  3.30 pm  5.00 pm  6.30 pm  8.00 pm

Wednesday   8.00 am  9.30 am  11.00 am  12.30 pm  2.00 pm  3.30 pm  5.00 pm  6.30 pm  8.00 pm

Saturday   8.00 am  9.30 am  11.00 am  12.30 pm  2.00 pm

Initial sessions, double sessions, half day and full day sessions are available by arrangment, and are likely to be scheduled at other times.

Please note ... I will attempt to schedule your sessions as closely as I can to your preferred day and time.  However, some of these times may already be prebooked (in advance) by regular clients.  It is highly recommended that clients prebook at least six sessions in advance, to maintain their preferred session time. 

Fees (per appointment):

Children birth to 17 years

Introductory Consultation:  FREE of charge.  Available for 45 minutes, via telephone only.

Initial Intake Appointment:  $265.00  The initial session includes undertaking a detailed intake process, and an initial meeting / session with parents.

Child Sessions:         45 minutes       Series of four sessions $580 (full, non-refundable prepayment required)

Single sessions are not initailly available for children.  It is not of therapeutic benefit to children, to introduce and open up a therapeutic process that may not continue.

Initially, I only offer therapy sessions to children in a series of four sessions  format, each to be completed within a four week timeframe.  I will give you my best estimate regarding the number of sessions your child may need, at your intake appointment, and again, after every forth session.  A typical guide for children's sessions is that children often require between 20 to 30 sessions, to resolve general issues.  For complex issues, 30 to 50 sessions may be required.

After an initial 8 - 12 sessions, fortnightly or casual sessions may be discussed as an ongoing option.

Parent Sessions:  Counselling or Parenting Support

Parents are encouraged to engage in their own  therapeutic process, while their child is also attending therapy.

To help support this process financially, I offer a reduced fee for parents who choose this option. 

For every four sessions their child attends, parents may also attend their own four individual or four couples / parenting sessions, at the reduced rate.

Individual parent, couples or parenting sessions must be completed within the same timeframe as the child's sessions ie if a child has four sessions in a one month period, the individual parent's, couple's or parenting sessions must be completed in that same one month period. 

$125.00 per session (up to 75 minutes ... usually $165) for individual sessions OR $250 per session (up to 2.5 hours ... usually $330) for couple's / parenting  sessions.

Parenting Support:   Complimentary parenting support is offered to parents between sessions, via texting or email, on a fair and reasonable use basis.

This option provides parents with an opportunity to share and work towards resolving their parenting concerns, and receive gentle, supportive, nurturing, therapeutically sound strategies, based on safe, emotion-focused frameworks, with which to support their child's ongoing therapeutic process.

* Zoom counselling fees as listed above.
* In-home counselling fees ... add $100 travel fee (Brisbane).

Adults 18+

Introductory Consultation:        FREE of charge.  Available for 45 minutes, via telephone only.

Initial Intake Process:    $265.00   please allow up to 2.5 hours for your first appointment, which inlcudes a detailed intake process, and first session.

Ongoing Session Fees:    $165.00 per session (up to 75 minutes) 

Packages:                    Adults can also choose to book and prepay for a series of six sessions for a discounted (non-refundable) fee of $865. 

* Zoom counselling fees as listed above.

* In-home counselling fees ... add $100 travel fee (Brisbane).

Couples / Relationships ie parent and child, siblings, friends / families

Introductory Consultation:        FREE of charge.  Available for 45 minutes, via telephone only.

Initial Intake Process:    $265.00   please allow up to 2.5 hours for your first appointment, which inlcudes a detailed intake process, and initial session.

Session Fees:            $330.00  (please allow up to 2.5 hours per session).  

* Zoom counselling fees as listed above.

* In-home counselling fees ... add $100 travel fee (Brisbane).

*** Before proceeding with further couple's / relationship or family therapy sessions, a recommendation for individual therapy sessions may be offered. 

Payment, Cancellation & Late Arrival Policy:

  • Pre-payment (in full) is required to confirm all initial sessions (via credit card or direct deposit).  Credit card payments are required at the time of booking.  Confirmation of direct deposit payments must be received by close of business, on the day the appointment for the initial session was made.  If confirmation is not received as above, the reserved appointment will be automatically cancelled.  Only one rescheduling of an initial session is permitted, without forfeiting the non-refundable prepayment.  A rescheduled session must be re-booked and attended within 30 days of the original session date. 

  • Fees for all future sessions are processed at the completion of the session.  This includes cash and credit card payments. 
  • Pre-payment (in full, non-refundable) is required for discounted sessions, or special offers. 

  • Anne Thistleton Counselling asks that clients respect the time and costs involved in specifically setting aside an appointment for them, and where possible, to provide advanced notice of an inabiltiy to attend.

  • Generally speaking, I do not charge for one-off cancellations, provided they are offered within a reasonable time frame. I understand that sudden illness and emergency situations can arise unexpectedly.   All clients receive a session reminder (via text message) within 24 - 48 hours of their alloted session time.  Failure to reply and confirm, may result in your session being reassigned to a waitlisted client.  It is essential that you reply to your session reminder message.  If late circumstances arise, that will prevent you from attending your scheduled session, it is essential that you let me know as soon as possible.  Last minute cancellations add additional costs to my practice, and prevent other clients from accessing available session times.  Repeated cancellations, particularly at short notice, will incur the full session fee, and a non-refundable prepayment for all future sessions will be required.   
  • If, on the rare occasion, Anne Thistleton is unavailable to facilitate an appointment, due to illness or circumstances beyond her control, clients will be notified as quickly as possible, and re-scheduling offered at the earliest availability.

  • Unfortunately, appointment times cannot be extended to accommodate late arrivals, as this impinges upon the appointment times of subsequent clients.  Regardless of the amount of limited time utilised during a delayed session, the full fee will still be charged for the allotted time that was set aside.